About Us

In today’s culture of rapid local and global expansion within the hospitality sector, it is more vital than ever for your company to stay ahead of the competition. Every company’s worth is measured by their personnel, and so finding the elite staff to drive forward the ambitions and innovation of your business is crucial to your long term success.

Our core sectors of expertise are the recruitment of key operational & leisure positions for luxury & reputable hotel establishments.

Keeping it simple with an individual approach & what we do best:

  • Understand client needs first
  • Review talent required
  • Local / International talent base arranged
  • Highly screened professionals profiled
  • Promote client's requirements via major advertising portals/ head hunting
  • Presentation of talent to client

Bhavinee Siepman

Managing Director

Spearheaded by Bhavinee Siepman | Managing Director, The Boardroom –Refreshing Recruitment has been successfully recruiting for 5* hotels and resorts worldwide for a number of years. Bhavinee holds a deep appreciation in the skill of fine service. Furthermore, she believes that making a difference within the hotel industry is not just a job, but a chosen lifestyle and an art in itself. Finding people who value this notion, who want to create lasting impressions and build progressively is just a small portion of the expertise in the field that she can offer you.

Partnering with The Boardroom will allow you to build a team of people who sincerely love getting up and going to work every day & will assist in steering your business on the path to even greater success. Passionate candidates can spot their tribe in action. They’ll want to work with you, and chances are, you’ll see that desire reflected in your talent pool. Hiring people without passion can be detrimental to the team spirit & directly impacts the guest.

‘Great companies and products are driven by people. They are your most precious resource. The current market is candidate-driven, which means talented people aren’t available for long. I welcome the opportunity to refresh your recruitment needs in the right direction for your business’.


Whilst you focus on meeting stringent budgets and offering your guests the very finest of service, I bring talent to your team to ensure your property’s success. This goes hand-in-hand with my insightful understanding of the flawless calibre of service required that is indelible with creating lasting guest experiences.